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Tech guys and other professionals working with computers daily are charged with the responsibility of ensuring servers are always up and running and of course, cool at all times. Consequently, it is important to keep the server rooms cool, especially considering a large amount of heat they produce and the negative effect it has on the operation and performance of servers.

Cooling a server room remains one of the most important functions of IT professionals as it helps with other parts of their deliverables. Therefore, it is only natural to wonder what the ideal server room temperature is? The recommended temperature for the server room ranges between 50 and 82 degrees and experts have put the optimal server room temperature to range between 68 and 72 degrees. However, keeping the temperature range can sometimes be a daunting task, as it goes beyond just setting the ideal number on a thermostat due to several contributing factors.

We have identified important temperature issues and how to monitor and maintain the ideal server room temperature in this guide.

Server Room Cooler Installation

If your business needs a server room cooler installation, then you might as well have it done by the pros in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you have absolutely no risk when doing business with us. Our computer room cooling technology is powerful and effective, so don’t hesitate to call our team!

How Much Cooling is Needed for a Server Room

As mentioned above, data center cooling requirements indicate that servers should be kept in a room with a temperature between 68 and 72 degrees to continue operating. Consequently, the extent of cooling needed is determined by the temperature of the environment and to ensure the range is maintained at every point in time.

Servers emit heat when managing and storing data, causing them to overheat when the room becomes too hot, consequently damaging the machine and sometimes leading to permanent loss of data and server breakdown. This can happen with a minimal amount of overheating and using the air conditioning system has been identified as one of the ways of keeping the server room temperature low. Consequently, organizations are always battling with maintaining an optimal room temperature that is low enough to keep the servers functioning without incurring unnecessarily high costs from air conditioning.

Installing monitoring systems is important to measure the temperature in several areas. However, it is even more difficult to maintain an ideal server room temperature in all areas. The monitoring systems identify hot spots where the current cooling methods are not efficient and potential overheating of equipment.

What are the Types of Server Room Cooling

A server room cooler comes in different types, depending on the needs of the business. Once you determine the ideal temperature for your server and the weak spots, the next step is to put measures in place to achieve and maintain the temperature. Some installations and implementations to consider include airflow planning, thermometers across the space, cooling duct placement, reliable AC units, and generators. Below are relatively simple yet effective methods for safeguarding the components in your server rooms.

Low-heat Lighting

Ensure the lighting in the server room is sufficient, as insufficient lighting increases the likelihood of human error. It is also important to note that extra lighting leads to overheating of the devices in the room and subsequent damage to the network connectivity and functionality.


Server rooms tend to be inadequate for the amount of electrical equipment they store and maintain, often resulting in servers functioning at higher temperatures than expected. This lack of usable space adds to the pressing issue of low air circulation, making it imperative to create enough ventilation.

Low-heat Lighting

Raised access floors can ease the process of installing the ideal cooling equipment while also making it easy to access servers and related wires in your server room.

Raised Access Floors 

A well-located fan ensures the air keeps moving and transfers the heat and moves it out and away from the servers. Fans are relatively more affordable and offer a viable solution as compared to an air conditioning unit. Consequently, organizations tend to keep a small but powerful fan directed right at the heat vents of the servers to avoid overheating and ensure efficient power distribution across the room.

Choosing the Right Cooling for Your Server Room

One of the issues that would bother you is how to choose the right cooling for your server room. However, the team at Gold Shield Services is always able to help you through the process. We have also highlighted some of the important factors to consider when choosing a cooling system for your server room.

Size of the Server Room

This is probably the most important factor you should consider as you set up the room and the cooling system. The size, capacity, and type of the system are dependent on the size of your server room. Consequently, the room size is the first factor to consider and your contractor should help in selecting the most suitable unit.

The Location of the Cooling System

The location of your cooling system directly impacts the effectiveness of maintaining an optimal temperature. An improperly placed unit will lead to ineffective cooling, causing overheating and possibly damaging your servers. Consequently, the location of your cooling is extremely important.

Server Room Cooler Replacement

The maintenance of the server room is just as important as setting up the room in the first instance. Consequently, it is important to pay attention to ensuring the room is in the best condition and your servers are functioning properly. Server room maintenance includes tests, measurements, adjustments, parts replacement, and cleaning, all done to prevent faults. The process of maintaining a server room is broadly categorized into two – software maintenance and hardware maintenance.

Hardware maintenance involves testing and cleaning server room equipment while software maintenance includes updating servers’ applications and programs to meet information requirements.

How to Maintain a Server Room

If you’ve got an old server room cooler system from back in the day, it might be on its last legs. Keep your technology in good shape by working with our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL team for server room cooler replacement services. None of our team members are subcontractors, so we’re confident that we’ll provide what you’re looking for.

Common Server Room Cooling Problems

Organizations tend to neglect server room problems while focusing on other important issues, such as cyber threats, ultimately putting the gadgets and data in danger.

Excessive Cooling

This sounds funny but it is actually true and often occurs as there can be excessive cooling in your server room. Extremely low temperatures can cause the equipment to become inefficient or shut down completely.

Inadequate Space for Airflow

It is important to create enough space for airflow between the equipment and the racks to ensure the powerful cooling system properly controls their temperatures.

Lack of Expansion Plans

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not planning for expansion, especially for server room cooling installation. This is more worrisome for businesses that are constantly growing and require more space to accommodate such expansions.

Neglecting Routine Maintenance 

As odd as this may sound, it is not strange to hear of businesses failing to carry out routine maintenance of their server room cooling, with the belief that it will continue operating without any issues. Therefore, it is important that you carry out server room cooling maintenance at regular intervals to avoid costly breakdowns.

Hiring Amateurs for the Job

For no reason should you engage the services of unqualified persons to handle the cooling of your server room. Gold Shield Services remains your go-to place for server room cooling in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL, providing installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of systems.

Server Room Cooler Repair

We provide comprehensive, yearly server room cooler maintenance to mitigate problems and minimize the cost to our customers. When something unexpected does pop up, however, we do provide server room cooler repairs as well to nip the issue in the bud.

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