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Finding the right boiler services is easier than ever with the Gold Shield Services Inc team by your side. Radiant heating isn’t something that every HVAC contractor in our area performs, but our team does! We understand the ins and outs of radiant heating systems. In addition to our knowledge, you can trust us because:

  • We’re always ready to address your concerns and answer your questions.
  • We’ll always find the most cost-effective solution to the problem.
  • Every team member is ours! Subcontractors do not staff us.

Finding quality boiler maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair is feasible with our team members. Our motto is “Quality and Integrity” because it’s woven into the fabric of everything that we do. We’re prepared to help you with your boiler services any time that you need us. Trust us for all your heating services!

Contact us for your boiler services in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. We understand Quality and Integrity.

Boiler Installation

Boiler installation is easy with our team. We’re completely prepared to walk you through the entire process. If you need boiler installation services, then we know how to supply you with the perfect unit, conduct the right calculations, and install your boiler perfectly. We want to help you.

Heating Boilers Installation

The first step to enjoying a good experience with your heating boiler is to have a reliable, experienced professional do the installation. It is extremely important to get it right at this point to prevent avoidable mistakes that could be costly in the long run. Your installer should guide you on the right home and heating system, considering all factors to ensure you get the best from your investment.

Before the installation begins, the engineer checks a few things with you, including the number of radiators you have, your water pressure, the number of bathrooms, and the positioning of the current boiler. The duration of the installation will often depend on the system. A straight swap requires little time while switching from an older to a new system will involve more work and of course, more time.

Heating Boilers Maintenance

Maintaining your heater remains one of the best ways of ensuring that you are always safe, comfortable, and sound at home, especially when the temperature becomes cold. At Gold Shield Services, we handle all the processes involved in heating boilers services Chicago. 

Below are some easy-to-implement yet effective boiler maintenance tips that will help keep your home warm and safe.

Get Annual Boiler Service

Many of the boiler issues can be mitigated or outright prevented through pre-emptive care. It also goes without saying that if there is a problem that puts you or your family at risk, you should know about it and fix it.

Keep the Boiler Ventilated

Boilers need space in to function properly. Typically, people will treat their boiler rooms as additional storage, which is not bad, so long as the stored goods do not crowd the boiler itself. Ensure that coats or other items are not hung over the boiler and it has a good 700 mm separation from the wall.

Check Insulation

When transferring heat, an exposed area can lead to dramatic reduction in the boiler’s effectiveness.

That is because if the boiler is not properly insulated, heat will escape and it will reduce the boiler’s efficiency. Therefore, ensure that the insulation around your boiler is intact and routinely check to make sure there are no holes or weak spots.

Keep Your Water Pressure Up

Water pressure keeps the hot water circulating around the pipes and radiators, ensuring your home comfortable and warm. Therefore, it is important to check the pressure gauge to ensure the water pressure is at the appropriate levels as seen in the manual for the unit.

Bleed the Radiators

As time goes on, air may become trapped in your radiators, preventing the radiator from operating at full capacity due to cold patches that prevent heat dispersal.

The way to rid your radiators of these air pockets is by bleeding the radiator. “Bleeding” in this instance means opening a valve to let trapped air out. You’ll want to keep the valve tight, however, as if you loosen it too much, water could shoot out.

Boiler Repair

Have you noticed that you have boiler repair needs? Don’t try to tough it out. It’s not going to cost too much nor is it going to be a hassle with our team members. We’re prepared to help you with the right boiler repair services and financing support. We balance promptness with quality work.

All Types of Heating Boilers Repairs You May Need

Below are some of the common heating boiler repairs you may need.

Stopping leaks

The boiler system is designed to be airtight to prevent oxygen from getting in and creating oxidization, which causes corrosion. Consequently, it is important to call a professional immediately if you notice a water leakage from the boiler.

Lowering water pressure

One of the major causes of rumbling noises is overheating, which could lead to extensive damage to the system.

Other common repairs that you would have to undertake include the replacement of corroded parts, a broken circulator pump, tank flushing, and replacing a burnt-out heating element.

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Heating Boiler?

The process of replacing a heating boiler is straightforward and should take less than 24 hours or at most 48 hours, depending on the availability of your engineer. The replacement itself can be just a few hours. However, this depends on the complexity of your situation.

Gold Shield Services has a team of highly experienced, well-trained, and licensed technicians providing a wide range of services to handle your heating boiler installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.

Boiler Replacement

If your boiler has provided you with quality service for years, then there is no harm in replacing this system. In fact, it’s better to be proactive about things like this. Boiler replacement is easy with us because all our professionals are high-quality and cost-effective.

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