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Ceiling fans are incredibly helpful for regulating temperatures in your Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL home. They keep things cool and comfortable in the summer, as well as provide convection in the winter. Call Gold Shield Services Inc for your ceiling fan needs.

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans have been around for decades and have been used by millions of people across the globe. There has always been an argument around the use of ACs and fans together, with many people regarding it as a waste of energy. Irrespective of the side of the divide that you belong to, Gold Shield Services is here to provide you with the necessary resources to make your air conditioning system more efficient through our ceiling fan installation services.

Ceiling fans are a modern and elegant solution for the ventilation of your room. We have compiled a complete guide with an FAQ that will help you make your choice.

Ceiling fan installation might not seem that complicated, until you’re caught trying to do it yourself and you end up drilling holes into the ceiling and trying to use a system that keeps falling out. Our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL team can be in and out of your home with record speed to install it properly.

How Ceiling Fan Works

Contrary to the popular opinion that ceiling fans lower the overall temperature in a room, the appliance is designed to work through the concept called a wind chill effect. Fans help your skin evaporate sweat at a faster rate, ultimately lowering the body temperature a bit. So no, your ceiling fan will not lower the room temperature but could help pull cold air higher up, circulating it around your face as opposed to your feet area and ultimately making the room seem cooler. 

Ceiling fans come in different types, each with unique features and benefits. Popular types of ceiling fans are standard ceiling fans, low profile ceiling fans, energy star fans, dual motor ceiling fans, and remote-control ceiling fans. Other common ceiling fan types are damp and wet ceiling fans, commercial ceiling fans, industrial ceiling fans, outdoor ceiling fans, and agricultural ceiling fans.

Who Needs Ceiling Fans?

The question here should be who does not need ceiling fans? While ceiling fans might not necessarily lower the overall room temperature, they help in circulating air in a room, an important feature in a plethora of ways, especially in extreme weather conditions, such as winter and summer.

Ceiling fans can be used in summer to suck hot air up to the top of the room and circulate cool air to the bottom. They can also help to displace the temperature and effectively ensure the AC is not working so hard.

You can also use your ceiling fans in the winter, especially fans built to spin both clockwise and counterclockwise. Reversing the spin of your fans in the winter will push warm air toward the ground, bringing some comfort to occupants even without touching the thermostat.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

The benefits of using ceiling fans in the room are immense as highlighted above. Consequently, it is not surprising that they have remained relevant over the years, despite the advancements brought about by modern technology. In addition to heavily impacting air circulation and perceived temperature, ceiling fans can also be energy savers depending on how they are used. This is particularly true in the winter for fans that can spin both ways. Installing ceiling fans in areas that collect warm air can also help to mix up the air and ease the work on your air conditioning unit, ultimately helping it to last longer.

Common Ceiling Fans Problems

If you own a fan, then you know how important it is to ensure it is functioning optimally. However, it is not uncommon for ceiling fans to suddenly stop working due to several reasons. Some common problems with ceiling fans include flickering lights, wobbling, and noisy operation. Other common ceiling fan problems are motor overheating or a failing capacitator leading to the fan stuck on one speed as well as the failure of the fan to turn on.

Regardless of the condition of your ceiling fan, it is never an option to leave it running when there is no one in the room. Leaving fans running with no one present will not only waste energy but could also add heat to your home.

At Gold Shield Services, we have a team of highly experienced and well-trained technicians with the requisite skill set to install ceiling fan IL as well as repair, replace, and maintain it.

Ceiling Fan Replacement

Do you have an old, dusty, and inefficient ceiling fan? Then it sounds like you’re the perfect customer to invest in our affordable and effective ceiling fan replacement services! Call our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL office today to get a quote.

Ceiling Fan Repair

We make targeted repairs to ceiling fans in the Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL area so that homeowners don’t spend much time stressing out or worrying. Our ceiling fan repairs are quick and easy. Call us today!

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