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Heat and energy recovery ventilators, also known as HRV and ERV systems, are necessary for providing fresh, clean air to your home without wasting energy and time. The team at Gold Shield Services Inc specializes in the installation and maintenance of these particular systems.

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Heat and energy recovery ventilators, otherwise known as HRV and ERV systems, are essential to provide fresh, clean air to your home without requiring you to spend too much on energy bills. However, acquiring a system is just one step in the process of getting quality air as it is also important to maintain your heat and energy recovery ventilators.

Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are energy efficient add-ons to your HVAC system that increases the comfort in the home while saving you money. If you have any of these units as part of your home heating and cooling system, consider adding them to your coverage. Regular cleaning and maintenance will be covered. When your heating system includes multiple units and components, it is advised to let certified home HVAC technicians take care of the entire system’s service and maintenance.

HRV and ERV Installation

Your heat recovery or energy recovery ventilation system needs to be installed by a professional. There’s really no way around this. That’s why our team is experienced and specializes in HRV and ERV installation so that you’re in good hands. Call our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL office today to learn more.

The HRV and ERV is designed to bring fresh air into your home without sacrificing energy efficiency. It works by pre-cooling or pre-heating the air inside, subsequently recovering that energy by using the HVAC system to provide your room with fresh air.

Installing an energy recovery ventilator permits the home to keep up air movement while reducing energy waste. An ERV continuously exchanges heat from the warmed air leaving, with the cooler and healthier air entering from outside. Multiple design regards should be considered when the ERV is installed.

Our expertly trained Gold Shield Services technicians will deliver all the necessary solutions to meet your air quality needs, assessing the room and working with you to decide on the most suitable heat and energy recovery ventilators.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Maintenance

Once a successful heat and energy recovery ventilators installation is completed, it is important to regularly carry out routine maintenance, done by professionals at Gold Shield Services. ERV maintenance in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL can be straightforward for DIY enthusiasts and the process includes cleaning or replacing filters, verifying airflow, cleaning the vents, grills, and ductwork, cleaning and lubricating fans, if needed, and inspecting the condensate drain. You also want to clean the heat exchange core and inspect the entirety of the system. Due to the different steps involved in a comprehensive HRV and ERV maintenance process, it is best to hire a professional as it saves you stress and prevents the possibility of an error.

HRV and ERV Repair

Need a quick fix on your HRV or ERV system? Then call our pros today. We’ll provide you with targeted HRV and ERV repairs that seek to fix the root of the problem, granting you better performance overall. We even provide HRV/ERV maintenance for homeowners that need more help throughout the year!

All Types of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Repair You May Need

There are several instances when you require the expertise of a professional for HRV and ERV repairs. However, a majority of such issues can be prevented through routine maintenance, which helps to quickly identify possible faults before it causes serious damage to the entire unit. Regardless of the situation or the extent of the issue, having a professional check your Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators will go a long way in saving you the stress of dealing with bigger issues.

Cost of Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Diagnostic

The cost of heat and energy recovery ventilators diagnostic will depend on different factors, majorly the scope and severity of the issue as well as the type of unit. Regardless of the cost involved, it is best to seek the service of professionals known for heat recovery ventilators Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL.

How Long Does a Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators Repair Take

Energy recovery ventilators repair has no particular duration and it could last between some hours to a few days or even weeks. However, the major point is to ensure you engage professionals to make sure your ventilators are back in perfect condition in good time.

HRV and ERV Replacement

Unfortunately ERV and HRV systems don’t last forever. If yours is coming up on its 10th year anniversary of being installed, or it’s running into recurring issues, then it’s time to call us for HRV and ERV replacement services. Our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL experts can do this quickly and effectively.

HRV replacement is often required when the existing unit has defied all possible repair options. If you notice having the wrong indoor air quality system in place for your comfort needs or the current system is not functioning optimally, contact us at Gold Shield Services for your HRV and ERV replacement.

Gold Shield Services provides installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance of HRVs and ERVs of all types, models, and brands. 

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