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It doesn’t have to be difficult to find proper heat pump service in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. The Gold Shield Services Inc professionals are the ones who can provide this for you. We know the ins and outs of most heat pump systems in the area. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our team:

  • We partner with the best brands: Trane, Mitsubishi, Navien, Rheem, Leviton, Siemens
  • We support our local community.
  • We promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We can perform heat pump maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair services. Whether for heating or cooling, we can find a heat pump to fit your needs. Make sure that you’re only trusting a professional for what you need.

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Heat Pump Installation

Installing your heat pump is one of the most important parts of the process. If you don’t have quality work, then you’re never going to be truly cool in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. We’re here to help you with what you need. We want you to have proper service for the system’s entire lifespan.

The heat pump installation process can be complicated, especially without the requisite skill set and equipment. Thankfully, we at Gold Shield Service are available to ease the process from start – disconnecting the old unit, to finish – connecting the new one.

The first step to installing a heat pump is buying the right unit. Factors to consider at the stage include the thickness of insulation, the number and size of windows as well as the number of types of doors, the total square footage of the floor over the crawl space and the floor over the basement, the number of occupants, the height of the ceilings, and a host of others. This will ensure you are buying a unit that suits your needs as opposed to making a decision based on the influence of a sales representative.

The installation of the new heat pump includes disconnecting the old pump, preparing the area, removal of the existing indoor evaporator coil, line sets, and additional wiring, and installing the new high- and low-voltage wiring, which is followed by the startup and commissioning (testing) process.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Finding proper heat pump service should not be a difficult task, and the Gold Shield Services team has ensured that quality heat pump installation and other similar services are readily available to different categories of clients across Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. We have put together this short yet detailed guide to aid your decision-making process as regards heat pump maintenance in Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL. It is always advised that you seek an expert to do the job to ensure all aspects are covered and that you get the best performance from your device.

Some of the services that our technicians will carry out during heat pump maintenance are:

  • Inspection of ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions
  • Diagnosis and sealing of duct leakage
  • Verification of adequate airflow by measurement
  • Verifying correct refrigerant charge by measurement
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspection of electric terminals, and, if necessary, clean and tighten connections, and apply nonconductive coating
  • Lubrication of motors and inspect belts for tightness and wear
  • Verification of correct electric control, making sure that heating is locked out when the thermostat calls for cooling and vice versa
  • Verifying correct thermostat operation.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pump repairs should never be ignored. This isn’t something you should wait on because it only makes the problems you’re experiencing much worse. We’re here to help you with your repair work. Just call our Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL team today.

All Types of Heat Pump Repairs You May Need

It is not uncommon for your heat pump to experience a failure, which could either require a replacement or repair, depending on the extent of the malfunction. Below are the common types of heat pump repairs you may need:

Refrigerant Leaks

Your heat pump is similar to an air conditioner in the way it works, utilizing the flow of refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. Therefore, refrigerant is a critical factor in the operation of your heat pump in the winter and the summer. Consequently, a leak, which means that there isn’t enough to properly absorb and transfer heat, can damage the compressor.

Outdoor Unit Iced Over

The outdoor coil releases heat in the winter and absorbs it in the summer. It is common for a layer of frost to develop on the outdoor unit and too much ice builds up can block the unit.

Broken Reversing Valve

The reversing valve allows the heat pump to reverse the flow of refrigerant, enabling you to switch between “heating mode” and “cooling mode”. The reversing valve sometimes fails and ends up getting stuck in one position, preventing you from switching between heating and cooling modes.

Electrical Failure

Your heat pump is powered by electricity. Therefore, electrical failure is one of the commonest reasons for heat pump repairs.

Cost of Heat Pump Cleaning

The cleanup process of a heat pump is comparatively simple, with the cost dependent on different factors, including the size of the unit.

How Long Does it Take to Repair a Heat Pump?

It could between 4 and 8 hours to install a heat pump. The duration of repairing a heat pump depends on different factors. However, it is important to hire the service of a reliable, licensed company to ensure comfort is returned to your home in the shortest possible duration.

If you are looking for professional heat pump installers near me in and around Northwest and West suburbs of Chicago, IL, Gold Shield Services is your go-to company. We provide a wide range of services, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Heat Pump Replacement

If it’s time to replace your home’s heat pump, then we’re here to make sure that switch is as easy as possible for you. As we mentioned above, we only work with great brands. We make sure that our heat pumps work impeccably. Quality matters to us.

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