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Radiant Heating Installation

Installation is one of the most important parts of your radiant heating system’s lifespan. If you need quality radiant heating installation services, then our team members are prepared to provide them for you. This is because we have a full team of qualified members. We want you to work with a team that gets the job done right the first time.

It is extremely important to have a professional handle your radiant heating system installation to avoid making mistakes that could cost you a lot of money and compromise your convenience. There are different types of methods of installing a radiant heating system depending on several factors. The common types of radiant floor heating installation in IL are hydronic radiant flooring installation and electric radiant flooring installation. 

Residential Radiant Heating System Services

Radiant floor heating systems are designed to bring the energy-efficient luxury of radiant floor heating to everyone for a simple, relatively affordable solution to home comfort.

Commercial Radiant Heating System Services

Radiant heating has been described as an alternative to traditional heating systems, offering an efficient, clean, and quiet way of keeping the building warm and comfortable. These systems have become increasingly popular in commercial facilities, offering offices, retail sales outlets, and manufacturing facilities, enabling them to save money.

Types of Radiant Heating System Repairs You May Need

Radiant heating systems have few moving parts. Consequently, they rarely need repairs. However, there is no 100% trouble-free system, and below are common radiant heating system repairs you may need.

Sealing Leaks

All hydronic systems are susceptible to leaking and the situation is not different with radiant floor heating. While radiant floor heating can be highly resistant to corrosion, it remains vulnerable to damage from outside stress such as sagging floorboards and cracked stones. 

Replacement of damaged tiles/panels

This is often due to improper installation of the unit, placing material over the pipes that cannot properly absorb the amount of heat the system produces, causing damage to the floor in the form of cracking or warping.

Replacement of damaged mixing valves

The malfunctioning of the mixing valve responsible for controlling the water temperature sent through the pipes can lead to insufficient heating or overheating, causing damage to the floor material. 

Radiant Heating Repair

Radiant floor heating systems are designed to bring the energy-efficient luxury of radiant floor heating to everyone, for a simple, relatively affordable solution to home comfort.

How Long Does a Radiant Heating System Repair Take?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors – the size of the unit, the type of the unit, and course, the installation. However, our team of licensed technicians at Gold Shield Services possesses the required knowledge and equipment to get the job done and bring back comfort into your space within the shortest possible period of time.

Gold Shield Services is a leading radiant heating system solutions provider, with our services including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Radiant Heating System Maintenance

Finding quality services for the radiant heating system of your home should be easy, and the Gold Shield Services team has ensured that you have one less thing to worry about regarding commercial and residential heating systems.

Avoid Flushing the System

Never flush your system unless it is absolutely necessary. It is even advised that you engage the service of a professional to do it for you. As long as there is sufficient pressure, there should be no reason to flush the system. Sufficient pressure falls within the ranges of 10 to 20 lbs. It is important to monitor your system to ensure the pressure stays within this range.

Handling Leaks

Radiant heat systems are closed systems that tend to last long. However, constant usage leads to wear and tear and leaks might develop. If you notice a leak, it is best to have it repaired immediately. If it is a steel pipe, a leak is an indication that the wear and tear are so extensive and intensive that only a replacement would properly fix the problem. A leak indicates that the system is no longer closed and as such oxygen is making its way into the pipes, resulting in corrosion which could lead to a bigger problem.


Usually, modern radiant heating systems work noiselessly as the pumps are sealed properly at the factory. However, older systems might have some bit of noise. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to notice when the noise becomes excessive, as it indicates that you should plan to get a replacement. When a system becomes too noisy, it shows that some parts are not working as they should be. This could be indicative of a much larger problem and as such should be addressed swiftly once detected.


Instead of waiting until the damage becomes obvious, it is best to have inspections done regularly to detect any impending problems in good time. Inspections should be done yearly or at least once every three years, but not beyond that to avoid causing bigger problems.

Radiant Heating Replacement

Your home’s radiant heating system can last a while longer than most forced-air systems, but that doesn’t mean it can last forever. If you need radiant heating system replacement work that’s not going to give you a headache, then we’re prepared to help you with it. Our replacement services are prompt, affordable, and effective.

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